Our clients are important to us. We are here to serve everyone who comes in need, to help make a part of their day a little less stressful. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and backgrounds – we empathize with the difficulties associated with food insecurity. We have no restrictions on who can become a client based on race, religion, sexual orientation or identity. If you are in need, just come.

How to pick up groceries

To obtain weekly groceries from the pantry, follow these simple steps. Please note, you must be a resident of Laramie County, Wyoming, to receive groceries.

  • Arrive anytime between 10am and 12:50pm. Some folks like to line up before 10am, but don’t be discouraged if you see a line when you arrive. We keep everything moving quickly once we open at 10am.
  • Stay in your vehicle and line up beginning in the parking lot and continuing on Van Lennen to the north of the building, wrapping around the corner of the 3rd Street, if necessary. Please do not block our driveway, as we often have deliveries that need access to the garage door.
  • Have your ID ready when you are approached by one of our volunteers. We are happy to see you and want to make your pickup as efficient as possible!
  • The volunteer will take your ID inside where you will be checked in on our computer system. That’s it! Your ID along with a grocery ticket and dessert treats (if available) will be returned to you before you proceed to the next stop.
    • Ask the check-in volunteer for any extras you may need such as diapers, hygiene supplies, baby food, pet food, etc.
  • After receiving your grocery ticket, proceed around the corner of the building to the next set of volunteers at the open garage door to have your groceries loaded in your vehicle. Please ensure you have room in either your back seat or trunk for a large box plus extras.
    • If you are a regular client, please bring or return your large boxes and plastic grocery bags so we may reuse them. Let the grocery volunteer know you have said items to return.

Become a Client

  • If you are a new client, please arrive with a photo ID such as a driver’s license, state ID, or military ID along with a proof of address dated within the last 60 days. (Bringing the new client form is a plus but not required.) A proof of address, or POA as we refer to it, can be anything showing a date and your name and full address. It can be a utility bill, medical bill, rent receipt or agreement, and so on. You will only be asked to show a POA once a year, unless a move has occurred.
    • If you are currently experiencing homelessness, you are welcome to receive food. Bring your photo ID and we will provide you groceries appropriate for your current living situation.
  • You may come once a week to receive groceries, and it doesn’t matter which day.
  • If there is more than one family living in the same household, more than one person may have an account with us, but only one may pick up per household, per week. For instance, John Smith and Jane Doe are roommates and share food. They will have separate accounts because their last names are different. But because they share the same address, only one of them can receive groceries per week.